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Financialisation Working Group: Call for papers for AHE/FAPE/IIPPE Conference, Paris July 5-8th, 2012

Following two highly successful previous IIPPE conferences in Political Economy, the Association for Heterodox Economics (AHE), the French Association of Political Economy (FAPE), and the International Initiative for Promoting Political Economy (IIPPE) are jointly coordinating the Third International Conference of Political Economy in Paris, July 5-8, 2012. We therefore would like to encourage contributions to that fall under the broad theme of the conference, “Political Economy and the Outlook of Capitalism”.

Given the significance taken by the role of financialisation in the current crisis, the IIPPE Financialisation Working Group encourages contributions which examine the causes and consequences of the crisis in the context of financialisation, as well as those which critically engage with the concept of financialisation itself. Also welcome are submissions which propose alternatives, policies and solutions both in relation to the crisis and to the broader crisis in theoretical economics.

In accordance with the general call for papers, contributions covering the following areas are particularly encouraged:

“The Role of Financialisation in the Capitalist World”. This area aims to highlight the importance of financialisation and the role that it has played in the last 30 years in the transformation of capitalist relations of production and specifically the subsumption of real accumulation to finance.
The profound inability of mainstream economics to provide either a satisfactory account of the ongoing crisis or to provide any significant alternatives to the current status quo and the resulting opportunities for heterodox economics and Marxist political economy to provide such sound and progressive alternatives.
The role and uses of alternative methodologies in the studies of (international) financial markets and critique of mainstream economics
How to locate the world economy and the neoliberal nation state in the study of finance
Manifestations and consequences of financialisation in developing and emerging countries
The financialisation of commodities and natural resources
The European crisis and future role of the Euro
A critical engagement with the term “financialisation” itself, i.e. its contribution to the literature, differentiation from other concepts such as globalisation, neoliberalism etc.

In addition to submission of individual papers, we would particularly encourage the submission of panel proposals of 2-4 presentation each. Panels which collectively present the work of institutions or other academic groups provide an excellent opportunity to showcase work in a greater depth that is possible in single presentations. It is further hoped that the conference will provide an opportunity to deepen links between groups working on finance from a critical perspective.

Abstracts of individual papers (max. 250 words) or panel proposals (max. 250 words plus abstracts of the individual papers) should be sent to Maria Dafnomili (mdafnomili@econ.soc.uoc.gr) by the end of January 2012.


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